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Welcome to the ICD Support Group. We are a group of patients, friends, relatives and basically those concerned about, know someone with or have an an ICD.

Established August 26th, 2005 this board has helped it’s members gain a better insight into their lives with an ICD or to try and understand what it is like to live with an ICD. There are many physical and emotional barriers that are unique to the ICD recipient. Based on an idea that patients who have an ICD are better able to relate to those who have questions about everyday living and dealing with life having an ICD, our group strives to reach out to all of those whose life has been altered.

We also have membership that reaches around the world as well as here in the USA. Our members have a vast knowledge and compassion for those who come and visit. We urge visitors to join our online family and share their experiences and knowledge as well as gaining more insight into their life.

Our Message Board is designed to offer support, compassion and information to all of those with or know of someone that has an ICDOur many members offer their time to attend to the problems and adjustment to life with an ICD. Who better to discuss this topic with better than those of us already implanted with one. Come on in and join, give us a try. We are sure you will appreciate all this area has to offer!

Advertising will not be allowed except in the following circumstances: 1. A member asks if he can post a link with an explanation why (example: looking for patients for a research study, etc.) and that a member is not financially compensated. The link must be approved by the site administrators. 2. If a member is asking for advice on a topic, members sharing their experiences is fine.

Our site is also a non profit site and we ask for NO money to join. What we do ask though is that you share of yourself by posting on our message board. Very easy and once your account has been approved we are sure you will do that and continue to increase the knowledge base we have already formed.

Thank you for stopping here and feel free to look through the site. We are sure you will see this is the best site for ICD information that no one but others with ICD’s can provide. For additional information please E-mail us at info@icdsupportgroup.org and to join our group Register here

~ ICD Administrative Group