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Post by Mark » December 31st, 2008, 7:52 pm

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Post by judimel » January 2nd, 2009, 10:12 am

Well, in the past year or so I've lost 26 pounds. Some things I did worked and others didn't. Mark mentioned a few good things in his blog and seems to be off on a good start. I think a huge thing to think is, it's not a "diet" but a lifestyle change. For me, denying myself of something I love wasn't working. But having that something occasionally and in normal or small portions seemed to keep me on track without feeling like I was being denied.

Also, when I "fell off the wagon" particularly on the weekends, I didn't beat myself up, I just started again on Monday. For me, weighing myself everyday worked. I know others it should only be once a week and for even others it isn't weighing but inches lost. Remember, it's what works for you and what you are comfortable. with.

Like Mark mentioned drinking the water is a good thing, it's good if you're trying to stop smoking too. (I've been quit since my 2 arrests 6-22). Now, if you like any raw veggies those are good munchie items. Also, fiber, fiber, fiber. These really help you to feel full longer. When you go shopping, look for items that are high in fiber. Label reading should become your new best seller reading material. Common sense is, low fat, high fiber, low sodium and of coarse lower calorie. But if you do the low fat, high fiber the calories just fall into place.

Nuts are good, almonds, walnuts and such. Grab a handful of those and eat them slowly, you'll be surprised how they help fill that munching desire. They are great eaten 20 - 30 minutes before lunch or dinner too. Also, they say (not sure who "they" are) ;-) are proven to help in weight loss.

For some people eating 6 small meals a day works better. That hungry feeling just doesn't get the opportunity to grab you. But make sure you do at least eat 3 meals a day. That was the hardest thing for me. I always just ate when I was hungry. Usually just dinner and then I would over eat. As you get older I just don't think that's the healthiest thing.

I eat at least a banana and either some fat free/low fat yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. Whole wheat toast is good. I've found I really like the kind that is whole grain and 35 calories a slice. It's high in fiber too.

A great fast breakfast idea that takes like 2 minutes is (I make these for my husband). Spray a microwavable soup bowl with cooking spray, put 1 (or 2) egg whites in and nuke for about 30 secs or so. Place 3 slices of ham (thin deli, or packaged thin slices, I use turkey ham mostly) 1 slice of 2% American cheese and nuke about 12-15 more secs. Mean time toast 2 slices of the afore mentioned bread. This only takes a couple of minutes the toast being the longest part and they are really good, very low in fat and the fiber really helps to fill you up. Add a cup of coffee, skim milk or piece of fruit and its a good low fat, filling breakfast.

For me the dreaded "exercise" is what really made the difference. After I got into it, when I didn't get to go take that walk I really missed it. It took a little while to get to that point but boy, now that's it's winter and too cold most days I really miss walking. I don't like the treadmill so just before Christmas I started walking my house. Around and around and up and down the stairs. Put in my Ipod and away I go just like my neighborhood walks. I found I liked it better than the treadmill. Inside I only do 20 minutes outside I do 30-40. I also do 3-4 times a week some light weights and stretching exercises, but that's because I need the weight bearing exercises too for ostiopena (sp). Only about 15-20 minutes. They say 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a weeks really is good. Hey, even if you only start out with 10 - 15 it's a start. That's how I started. That's all I could do when I came home from the hospital and I even had to work up to that!

Hope I haven't preached. These are just a couple of things that worked for me. I love to cook and have some pretty good, simple ideas. If I haven't come off preachy then let me know and I can post some more stuff.

But the really huge thing is, thanks Mark for starting this. Support is probably the most important thing in helping stick to this and being successful. I wish everyone success in the new year!!

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