Suggestions for School for Kids with Brugada or Long QT

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Suggestions for School for Kids with Brugada or Long QT

Post by Momof2HeartKids » October 26th, 2006, 1:44 pm

Just went to a seminar recently and wanted to share the info I received there:

Suggestions for what to do about school when you child has LQT or Brugada
1. Meet with the nurse, submit medical info
2. Write a letter, state that your child has a heart disease and that the school must be ready to care for you child in the even of any event so you are requesting an ICP. Also suggest school gets an AED & implements an AED plan, state that there is a 50% chance they will use it on somebody else.
3. Follow up after your letter is sent and set up meeting to insistute a ICP – Individualized car plan for you child.

Aspects of a Good ICP
- Recess monitor for you child with a phone
- Recess monitor and all teachers your child have carry an 911 enhanced cell vs. having to call the office
- AED location
- Multiple CPR providers are in the school at all times
- Appropriate phys ed requirements/restrictions outlined.
- Gym should emphasize skill teaching and no endurance or strength testing. Time outs should be allowed. Steps should be made to minimize embarassement and attention. (Ex: child given permission in advance to gym class to not attend and go to a study hall whenever there is activities taking place that class that child would be unable to perform rather than child sitting out. Patients in older grades should be allowed to be excused from gym class to take another class that would be of more benefit to them. High School patients should be allowed to be excused from Gym class requirements.)
- Additional Guidelines should be outlined and individualized based on patients treatment, ICD, meds – etc.
Wishing You a Zap Free Day,

(Brugada Syndrome, Long QT Syndrome, Sick Sinus Syndrome, ICD & 2 children one with Brugada, ICD and one with Brugada, Long QT and removed ICD due to staph)

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