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Posts from Jan. 1, 2018 to the present. Plus important announcements. (ICD warning sounds)

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Post by icdadmin » August 26th, 2005, 6:17 pm

Use this thread to introduce yourself at "ICD Support Group".

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Post by Shelby » August 26th, 2005, 9:21 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome!

I am Shelby. I'm 32 years old and live in Anaheim, California, about 2 miles North of Disneyland (fun!). I'm a writer and am currently working on a novel--no genre, just general contemporary adult fiction.

I got my Medtronic ICD in April, 2002, and thankfully I've never had a shock. I also have dilated cardiomyopathy and very nearly had a transplant in 2002--I was on the list until Toprol turned me around. I'm extremely fortunate to be in good health now and zap-free.

I think that's about it from me!


Here I am!


And here are my "babies"--Scout and Digory
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Post by don » August 29th, 2005, 6:11 am


I'm don. I live in the swamps in SE Texas. I got my first ICD sometime in the mid-90's. Number three is coming up.

I used to received therapy a lot but through prayer, meditation and good medicine I haven't been shocked in at least two years.

In my first life I was a combat soldier for 12 years until injuries caused my retirement. My second incarnation was as a high voltage worker until injuries caused my retirement again. Life number three was as a medic on a Mobile Intensive Care Unit and in emergency departments and trauma centers around SE Texas until fear of my ICD going off at a critical time forced me to retire again. Life number four is as an ordained minister of ULC church. I anticipate the end of this career will be when I'm looking up at the grass. (Don't be scared - I don't preach on the board).

Welcome everyone and I hope you enjoy your stay here.



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Post by rumpleteasermom » August 29th, 2005, 5:26 pm

On page two
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Post by Helen » August 29th, 2005, 8:24 pm

Hi, I'm Helen.. 71 years old.. Grew up in New York City about 3 blocks from Times Square. Married at 17 and had first son at age 18...followed by 4 daughters and a second son.. So I have 6 terrific kids and 9 beautiful grandchildren. I Worked various jobs since I was 11 years old and retired a few years ago from my job as a Legal Executive Assistant.

I was always pretty healthy. My only hospitalizations were in the labor and delivery rooms when having my 6 children. Then I was hospitalized for falling and breaking my hip about 7 years ago. In october 2003 I had sudden cardiac arrest.. I was baby sitting and called my daughter and said I didn't feel good..I don't remember that--it's what I was told. I don't remember anything else until I woke up in the hospital a week later with an ICD implanted.. I was told that my 10 year old grandson heard me fall on the floor and got scared when I wouldn't answer him and he called and got help for me.. I call him my little hero. About a month after that I met the ambulance driver who had come that night.. He told me that I was dead twice that night...once on the bedroom floor and once again in the ambulance.. Maybe I'm really a cat...and used up 2 of my 9 lives that night. One doctor told my kids they didn't know if I would live and if I would have brain damage.. Before I left the hospital I made sure I completed the Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle and had it given to the doctor... I just wanted to say "I'm baaaack!"

In March 2005 I had the Medtronic ICD recalled and had a new one implanted.. In June 2005 I had my first shock storm.. 6 or 7 whacks to my chest and an electric light show.. Thanks to my friends in my ICD group I knew what was happening and was able to sit still until the shocks stopped and I was able to call for an ambulance. I have met a lot of wonderful people online with ICDs who have helped me to calm down when I am frightened, who have inspired me by their courage and determination and grace.. and I am happy to be here with you.


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Post by jana » August 30th, 2005, 2:03 pm

Hi. Jana here. I'm 43, married and the mom of four kids, Kirstin 16, Lane 14 (and 6'1"!), Maya 11 and Kaylee 8. We also have a cat, a hairless rat, two gerbils, a parakeet, a cockatiel, and 2 lovebirds (my hubby thinks we've become a zoo).

I've had heart issues my entire life, but no one ever believed me when I said it was weird (like going 140 bpm when I woke up in the morning). Four year ago today (Happy Birthday to Me :lol: ), I went into v-fib. Luckily, my hubby was close, started CPR and called the EMTs, who arrived within two minutes. It took 3 shocks to get me back. I was then life-flighted to SLC, where they determined I had Long QT and implanted my defective Guidant (which is being replaced this Friday.)

After an ablation to stop a-fib shocks (which worked!), I changed docs, and learned that I just have arrythmia, compounded by extremely low blood pressure. He put me on Sotalol and life has been much better ever since.

I've had 7 conscious shocks and 3 (in a row) while out cold. No shocks, however, since March 2003 (and the addition of Sotalol).

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Post by marian » August 30th, 2005, 7:34 pm

Hello Everyone!

My name is Marian, from Angleton, Texas. I have a daughter and son (grown) and they have their own families. I have 6 grandchildren and 6 great granchildren. Needless to say I am retired, except where the great grandchildren are concerned...they are so much fun!
I worked as a bookkeeper most of my life. I think I was having irregular heatbeats before and during the years that my husband was teminal, in the late 1990's-to year 2000, but never had it checked it out.
We found out that I had a bit of malfunction when I had two different episodes of syncopy early in 2004.
I was implanted with a St. Jude on 4/28/2004 and have had no problems since then. I recently had my second interrogation and other than some computer updates on my ICD everything was fine.
I hope everyone is happy to be here, I know I am, and it is good to see some familiar names.
I feel right at home!

love to everyone..........marian


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Post by justin » August 31st, 2005, 3:08 am


I am Justin from Dorset in the UK. I live with my missus - Samantha. No kids yet. I am 32 and have Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy(genetic & heireditary)
I have a medtronic icd - my second. My first was one of those faulty ones. This one has been with me since May 2005. First one was in 2003.
So far (touch wood) no zaps, just recorded episodes of VT.
I take hardly any medication(my choice) just beta blocker to help with eptopic beats i get.
I work as a telecommunications test engineer - i test all the computers that handle your text messeges on mobile phone.
I am into music(listening), mountain biking, computer games.
Looking forward to seeing Granny in september he he he he. :D

Justin & Krusty


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Post by Carl » August 31st, 2005, 1:49 pm

Hi All,

I'm semi retired(still rep a premium pet food line) married, 7 sons, 16 grandchildren(they make having 7 sons a joy), 1 Yorkie & 4 rescue cats. We live next to Lake Erie in northern Ohio.
I had an MI in December of 1985. My first ICD was implanted in March of 2001 and was replaced due to infection in December of 2003. That one was replaced in December of 04 due to the Medtronic recall. I've had 4 individual therapies and one 23 therapy storm. I'm taking Sotalol, Prenivil, & Zoloft. The Zoloft is because I'm such a pleasent person. As many of you already know I'm quite opinionated (even with the Zoloft).
I look forward to this forum being supportive and informative. If I can offer anyone information based on my experiences, all you have to do is ask.



Post by Eremon » August 31st, 2005, 2:33 pm


Im Irish and live south of Dublin. Eremon is my sometime handle but with no pretentions to royalty. Eermon (or Hermon)was the 1st Milesian, King of Ireland (circa 1698BC according to the "Four Masters"). I'm interested in that kind of stuff.

Im 47, have 3 children and had an MI (clot) 3 years ago. I got away without ischaemia but suffered 6 episodes of SCD - all in hospital just post MI. Very nearly popped my clogs then but I did'nt.

Got an ICD immediately - one of the Medtronics at Risk - and got a new one last month.

I work full time and like woodworking, hill walking, wine making and driving 4wheel drives off road - proper ones and not SUVs.

I used to like metal working as a hobby but thats mostly gone becauise of the ICD and electric welding.


Post by Allen » August 31st, 2005, 4:50 pm


My name is Allen. IM 57 years young, sometimes old. I have an inherited progressive heart diesease and VT from previous mI's. IM from St. Louis, Missouri. My wonderful wife is Suzy, and she has been married to me for 36 years. I was a Credit and Collection Analyst for Cigigroup, ending my career as an Operations Analyst. I am disabled.

I have 2 grown boys, 5 Grandchildren, 2 boys and 3 girls with another (Mia) on on the way in Nov. I am also gaining a Step Grandaugher, a beautiful 4 year old girl named Kaitlyn, and a lovely Daughter in law named Tanya on 12, Sept. when my oldest son gets remarried.

This is an attempt at my medical history from memory:

MI 1981. MI 1983. CABG 1984. CABG 1991. ICD 1996. Back Surgery 1997. Fermoral Artery Bi-pass 1998. Failed Ablation 2000. Zap Storm of 21 zaps in 2001. 2nd ICD 2001. 3rd ICD 2004.

IM accident prone and I have a wood working shop in my basement. I have came close to cutting off each hand. Broke a hip, in I believe, 2002

I think that's enough. I don't have time for the rest of it. I wake up each day and thand God for another beautiful day. I never thought I would live to see the year 2000. I must be living right. Thanks to God, new medicines, and Medtronic, IM still here.


God bless and stay strong.


UK Steve

Post by UK Steve » September 1st, 2005, 4:20 am

Right here goes what youve all been waiting for!!!(NOT) :lol:
My name is Steve Gallard Im 52 this Nov (the 1st if anyone wants to send presents :lol: ) Im married to Jane who is 15yrs younger than me,yes I hear you say LUCKY MAN!!! I have A 6yr old daughter Katie (Her birthdays today ) I work full time as a night supervisor in a Recycling support unit for one of our biggest supermarkets (TESCO) I work a 4 on 4 off shift pattern,sit in an office at a computer while my men do the hard stuff!
For my 40th birthday I got a quadruple bypass after suffering a series of heart attacks, then 7yrs later on my 47th birthday after a bout of loving with my woman I went into VT rushed to hospital and stablised I was then Transferred to London where I recieved my Medetronic dual chamber ICD
I have been paced many times but have never been shocked..Im on Amiodaarone at the moment but am in the process of being weaned off it
So as by now you must be yawning I will sign off Take care and be lucky Steve



Post by Melanie » September 5th, 2005, 4:14 am

Hi everybody.

Well, I recently turned 48. I am so delighted to still be alive, that I've started planning the bigggest bash I can think of for my 50th birthday! EVERYONE is invited.

Speaking of invitations, many of you will remember that I am the instigator of the big meeting of battery powered people - ICDs in Memphis 2005. What an interesting and fun project that was for me... except right at the very end when it didn't work (!) and finished before it ever had time to happen. That was so very disappointing for everyone :cry:

I turned up with ideopathic (cause unknown) dilated cardiomyopathy out of nowhere when I was 44. Acute heart failure followed, and I also made it to the transplant list. Six months later I went into VT, arrested and died. I spontaneously recovered and had a Guidant #1861 (Spike) installed the following week. I've just had a new guy (Brutus) implanted and will write a post about that. I'm feeling very, very well these days and my life is stimulating and full!

I have a hubby and four kids - they are Hudson (23), Lauren (20), Katy (18) and Michael (16). I'm just beginning to think that they have been worth all the exhaustion and heartache, cuz they're turning out to be absolutely wonderful people; and they each justify my immense pride!!

Spring is just beginning in Tasmania, and life is looking good.

It's nice to find this board :) and to find the rest of you here. :D



Post by Don36 » September 6th, 2005, 2:41 pm

Hi All I'm Don, 69 yrs old and retired. I live in Baton Rouge La. with my wife Linda. Our three children are grown and have given us 6 grandchildren.

I've had two heart attacks, the first one about 15 yrs. ago and the 2nd about 6 yrs. ago. Began to have minor problems last year and had my ICD Medtronic implanted in May of this year. Thus far have not been zapped.

I play golf every chance I get and if I live long enough I may shoot my age one day.



Hi! neighbor!

Post by Eloise » September 6th, 2005, 5:36 pm

Elaine and Hamp have been very close friends for more years than we can count. Hamp and Tom have coffee together every morning via e-mail.
We were neighbors in Chalmette eons ago. They are the godparents of our number 6 Patrick, born in 1963. We go back together to 1955.
Aren't our friends on this board wonderful!
Hugs from your neighbor in Gramercy. Please tell me you know where that is!

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