Another year is finishing

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Another year is finishing

Post by Ozchrissy » December 28th, 2010, 4:59 am

Another Year is finishing and as I am sitting here thinking about the one to come, and the one that's past, I can't help but think of my friends on here who have helped and supported me throughout the year, and how important you all are to me.

I do pray and hope that you all have a very happy and successful New Year and future. We have all come a long way, we have all traveled our own paths with this illness, but we have all made it, and we are still going on with it. What a lot of hero's we are.

I have quite a few exciting things coming up this year as far as my art is concerned. Now I have finished my Painting major, I have the opportunity to start painting things I want to, not what is set by the criteria of my course. (Oh by the way I got a High Distinction which is an A+ I suppose) I am really looking forward to branching out and having an exhibition and entering other exhibitions. I have already arranged with a local bookstore to have my paintings that I did on one of our Australian Artists exhibited around the date of our Australia Day. Very exciting stuff. Our local library is also interested in exhibiting them, but I will have to wait for that as they are in the process of being upgraded and building is ongoing. So may have to sell them before it is completed. (I have had a few offers for the paintings, but really want to keep them together for a while, but then again I do want to eat. lol) I also have two public exhibitions coming up before Easter and then must get busy working on my own which I am aiming for the end of the Year. I am also doing an advanced drawing Unit and a History of Art Unit, so am looking forward to that as well. Will be able to talk to academics about Art now. dancee

Hope you all have a wonderful new year, with goals and aims also. I am so blessed to have you all here and also to have such a supportive group around me here, so to all of you, may your new year be full of love and happiness and may all your desires come true.

Love to you all,

:hugg: :hugg: :hugg: :hugg:
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Re: Another year is finishing

Post by MichaelP » December 28th, 2010, 8:48 am

Hey Chrissy! Great post and I agree totally and also hope that the next year is a great one for everyone!

For me, 2010 will be the year that my heart problems almost killed me and I was given this second chance at life with my ICD. I will live with this thing the rest of my life now (with periodic replacements as the battery dies, of course), but that beats the alternative and I am optimistic of the days ahead!

Happy New Year Everyone! :hugg:

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Re: Another year is finishing

Post by freckles1880 » December 28th, 2010, 9:15 am

What a wonderful way to look towards the new year Chrissy. You are doing what we all need to do. Live life to the best of our abilities. Back at you with :hugg:

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Re: Another year is finishing

Post by Suzanne » December 28th, 2010, 9:53 am

Good luck with your art Chrissy. I have always enjoyed and valued your posts. I wish you a happy and successful New Year too, and all the best for you and Lauren :)
~ Suzanne ~

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Re: Another year is finishing

Post by rclarke6 » December 28th, 2010, 9:54 am

Fantastic post Chrissy, Sounds like you are going to have the greatest New Year ahead. I like you, wish that everyone has a wonderful and peaceful New Year :D :snowman:

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