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OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: September 24th, 2017, 12:35 pm
by KansasAl
I'm a biscuit & gravy nut. I love a meaty and savory gravy. My current mix is 1 pound Jimmy Dean hot sausage and 1 pound Jimmy Dean sage sausage. I also toss in some more rubbed sage, fennel seed, cajun seasoning and black pepper. Also 1 stick butter and about 3/4 gallon of milk. Makes about 10 servings that I portion and freeze. I've made about 20 different versions over the years and am always looking for something new. What is yours?

Re: OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: September 25th, 2017, 7:05 am
by mykidsmom
I dont really like cooking....but i love food...being celiac makes things a bit harder though..cos i have to watch everything i put in my mouth...but....if i want to eat something in particular or try a certain recipe i am a pretty decent cook.. i was vegetarian for 13 years and vegan for many of these...and although were back eating meat its still not my go to thing to cook...i prefer vegetarian meals...yesterday i made mushroom risotto...we had it with shrimp and scallops.... ... ers-996008

Re: OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: September 25th, 2017, 3:42 pm
by Jim and Sparky
About 3 months ago my wife and I decided to go vegetarian, at least to a degree.

We are still eating eggs and cheese, so technically that makes us lacto/ovo vegetarians (or something like that). And on occasion we have given in to some fish, but frequency is less than once a week. We quit drinking cows milk years ago, now prefer cashew milk. We find that we like Mexican vegetarian burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, etc. I eat more nuts than I used to and more beans also in spite of the fact that I have never been a huge fan of beans. I like rice dishes too. My wife is a (type 2) diabetic so we avoid pasta dishes and sweets.

Haven't eaten any pork, beef, turkey or chicken for 3 months now, and frankly don't miss any of it much at all. My doctor is worried I won't get enough protein. I told her to chill out! :)

Not positive I can attribute it all to change in diet, but have noticed at least a small decrease in blood pressure and weight.

Curious if others have done the same and had similar experiences. And, yes, I'm too lazy to run a search on the regular forum.

Jim (and sidekick Sparky)

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Posted: September 25th, 2017, 7:10 pm
by mykidsmom
Yes we started like you had a couple of strokes and heart issues, and didnt like the effects of the beta blockers so i read everything i could find about heart conditions, diet etc etc. one of the books i found was by Dean Ornish and he was so certain his diet could reverse heart conditions....and i liked the diet seemed easy so that sorta was our starting block..funny how you seem to be drawn to mexican food.....i was immediately drawn to indian foods...many of them are vegan and there was a variety of tastes and spices we did that for about 6/7 years when i had another issue and decided to go full swing into vegan....our friends hated us im sure we were nightmare dinner guests im thinking lol....we both lost quite a bit of weight without ever being on a diet as such and our energy level was unreal.....and my blood pressure went to normal...willies diabetes levels bottomed out at being normal too.......but one of the reasons we went back eating meat/chicken/fish again was..i discovered the celiac disease and figured ...darn not another bloomin diet lol..the celiac diet is in fact more in your face than the vegetarian and i really needed to be able to just eat meat and veggies while i was finding my way thro the wheat long as your eating lots of legumes and maybe taking a b12 supplement you should be fine vitamin wise..

Its a different lifestyle isnt it lol... how are you guys managing around eating out

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Posted: September 29th, 2017, 10:23 am
by Jim and Sparky
About eating out.....

There are many restaurants that we will probably never eat at again, some of which we liked very much. There are also some that have a "vegetarian" section on their menu, which actually contain some pretty decent dishes. Other restaurants have a vegetarian section on their menu, but the dishes aren't so good. Then there are restaurants that cater almost specifically to vegetarians. We like a few of these, others are not that great. Our kids tease us about a local restaurant, that we like, with a lot of vegetarian dishes. The kids say it is run by old hippies (it probably is). Have seen no evidence of pot smoking back in the kitchen. They have their own gardens to grow various greens, pretty unique place. Food not necessarily fantastic, but decent.

Went into a fast food joint at a turnpike rest stop last week and discovered there was absolutely nothing on the menu that I would want to eat. Nothing at all. I suppose french fries are vegetarian, but.....

I've told people that my main food groups are now fruit, vegetables and "craft beer". Have really developed an interest in sampling various beers and really like the variety. However, my favorite pub/restaurant I like to go to to taste different brews has very little on the food menu that I like. I can get a vegetarian pizza or calzone and most of the salads have some sort of meat, but little to offer otherwise.

I was wondering the other day what we would do when Thanksgiving comes up. Will we break down and eat a little turkey? Not sure.


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Posted: September 29th, 2017, 11:12 am
by TruckerRon
I have heard people claim that going totally vegan for a few months then trying to eat something with animal products in it (french fries used to be fried in beef tallow?) resulted in gastric distress.

Does anyone know if that's true?

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Posted: September 29th, 2017, 5:45 pm
by mykidsmom
a be honest...but what happened to us in the whole experience was..particularly when we became vegan...we instantly knew if fat or cooking oil contained animal products..our tummies told you we seemed to centre on a couple of decent places to eat..and had to turn down so many social evenings with seen them cook before for others on specific diets and decided not to risk it hehehe... the funny thing was how we became NOT vegans lol...our neighbours were away and left two teenage boys home alone and it was party time...the noise....the commotions didnt really worry me but the fecking pond did.. and eventually we had to call the cops to fish kids out of sinking boats call relatives to remove the two horrible teenagers drunk as skunks and arrange lifts home and parental pickups for a bunch of other uninvited kids who showed up to waterski... the parents thought we were the irresponsible parents and tried to ream us new orifices while we tried to ream these irresponsible parents orifices of their own..who lets their early teens go to unknown parties with BOOZE......finally at 3am willie and i sunk down into chairs going ...omg....and suddenly i go.....dennys!!!!! it was the closest open restaurant i knew of at 3am which had bacon......willies galloping after me with the car keys lol....and we sat and drank tea ate bacon sandwiches, felt good and came home and slept...and thus was done our days of being in the vegan world......that bacon tasted so good..

Re: OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: September 30th, 2017, 12:03 am
by mykidsmom
Oh you can buy a tofu turkey.....and it even has little legs haha....seriously though...trying to compensate for meat was a pain in the bum and eventually we decided just to eat lol and forget about the 1/3 of the plate thats supposed to have meat we made other dishes and never tried to cook something that was supposed to look like a steak..

I think i said it before but indian food became our many different things and mostly vegetarian but we also liked Thai food....the rice noodle dishes etc etc..I still find being on the celiac diet these foods are easy for me to eat too cos theyre generally thing i did find though guessing cos eating out was a wee bit on the difficult side, we became a pain in the bum about food....if we were going to go to the trouble of finding places to eat in...assuring the places were using the correct ingredients etc etc...we didnt want awful greasy yuckie food put in front of us...we became a bit the way all french fries arent depends on the oil they were cooked in......does the restaurant keep a designated fry pan for fries???

its a bit complicated hahaa..but the benefits are amazing..and i did as dean promised in his book..i reversed the heart issues id had within 6 months...

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Posted: October 20th, 2017, 8:50 am
by luvmydogs
So, KansasAl, I'm taking it you do not take the low sodium diet seriously?

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Posted: October 20th, 2017, 3:36 pm
by Leedur
luvmydogs wrote:So, KansasAl, I'm taking it you do not take the low sodium diet seriously?
Well, I just had an awakening. After commenting this week in another topic about not having any issues to complain about. I have been regularly walking 3 miles at the indoor gym track (30 laps).....went this Tuesday and had to quit and sit on a bench after lap 5 because I felt weak and was getting breathless.

Came home and decided to weigh.....I had suddenly gained 8#'s. Suspecting it was all fluid, yesterday I took a Lasix and decided to trash the remainder of a large container of salted pretzels I picked up at Office Depot last week. Had been snacking on them several times daily. This morning, my weight was back to normal. Nothing like an occasional reminder lesson.

Re: OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: October 24th, 2017, 9:46 am
by mykidsmom
i know...doesnt it suck though you couldnt even have a couple of and again i just go darn it....and have the stuff anyways...we only go thro life once right

Re: OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: October 25th, 2017, 8:53 am
by luvmydogs
My first year post implant, I was extremely 'by the book' on my new low sodium diet. After a discussion with my cardiac team at my one year, I finally added pizza back in. Mind you, I do order thin crust, light sauce, with a little pepperoni, fresh mushrooms (not canned), and onion.

I love food and sometimes get frustrated at what I can't eat, especially when attending a potluck party. Once in a while, I'll have a bite or two of something I shouldn't but then I find it very, very hard to stop eating it. It's hard to order a large pizza because it's too tempting to just keep eating more because it tastes so good. But my husband loves the leftovers though.

Helen, I wish I could just say forget it sometimes, but I make myself feel too guilty when I eat too much sodium. My son's words still haunt me..."Mom, you can't die yet because your grandkids haven't met you" He and his wife aren't even pregnant yet.

Is there a low sodium snack food any of you have found extremely satisfying?

Re: OT/ Politics -Fugitaboutit. Lets talk food.

Posted: October 25th, 2017, 11:52 am
by mykidsmom
No not really hahhahhaa...the salt is the addictive bit in most things isnt it.....but i have to say we make most of our food from scratch so can control the salt ....willie thank heavens is a great cook if it was left to me wed starve...I love food too...but left to my own devices wed eat apples all our lives sinful one is indian foods.....and i know a dinner out there will result in at least 5lbs by the time i get back....we do it once a month..

Oh i snack on glutenfree salt free cashew nuts they dont seem to be an issue and they are satisfying..

You have the best reason given by your son lol...just tell them to hurry up already so you can snack hahahahaa