Maranara Sauce, very simple, easy and quick!

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Maranara Sauce, very simple, easy and quick!

Post by Mark » May 30th, 2011, 6:36 pm

All you need is:

2- 28 ounce can peeled tomatoes
8 cloves fresh garlic minced well
1 handful of fresh basil (10-15 leaves)
2 TBL's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Open your cans and separate the tomatoes form the juice. If you can get low sodium tomatoes, cool- if not, here is a trick: Gently wash them under luck warm running tap water, this removes a lot of the sodium. :) Get your tomatoes and put them in a bowl, crush them (I use my hands- ya know, we Italians!) Set aside. Take your fresh basil, wash and bunch together and cut them in (not diced, but in stripes is fine.)

Next heat oil, add garlic when oil is medium hot and sautee until nice garlic flavor is coming from the pan, do not over cook (don't brown the garlic, about two minutes is fine) Add tomatoes- there should be nice sizzle- turn the heat up and add the basil. Let reduce for about 20 minutes, gently stirring all the time ( if high heat is starting to burn the tomatoes, turn it back down to med-high and adjust time accordingly.

That's it! Make your favorite pasta (I prefer angel hair), sprinkle a little bit of peccorino romano cheese on top of the sauce when it is plated on your pasta, and enjoy!

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