Ideas and thoughts for the board.

This folder is for any ideas, thoughts, rants or ramblings that you might want to discuss or bring to everyone's attention pertaining to the physical aspect of the board. (example- styles, posts, look of the board, homepage work, etc)
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Ideas and thoughts for the board.

Post by Mark » January 8th, 2007, 5:25 pm

This was created in case anyone had any ideas or thoughts about the board they may have and that others can express their opinions on. A couple of ideas that were mentioned were bigger fonts and more emoticons. I figured instead of them getting lost among the regular postings, we would just set a little area aside for those particular types of thoughts. Just trying to keep the main forum clear for the important stuff, and leave the questions ab out the physical end of the board for in here.

As always, if anyone is object to another forum, PLEASE respond and it can be removed as quickly as it was created. :D Just wanted to keep the traffic of the main area all ab out ICD's and those issues and thoughts.

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