The DVLA again

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The DVLA again

Post by Poppy » December 10th, 2016, 3:50 am

Hi, I am sending this post hoping it may help someone else, perhaps a new member [especially someone from the UK] as I don't know about the driving laws in the US or elsewhere. However, as I have already explained, I was fitted with an ICD on 10th May this year after suffering a VT attack on the 5th. I was told no driving for 6 months, which is ok. My next door neighbour had suffered a heart issue also, although I think he was fitted with just a pacemaker. I don't know that much, but he voluntarily sent his driving licence to the DVLA only to be told that they hadn't received it. Eventually it turned up and he is driving ok now.

I did not surrender my licence voluntarily mainly because the DVLA had already annoyed me, I had the misfortune to talk to some rather unhelpful people, although I am sure they do have some nice folk. However in September my licence was Revoked. I did not think too much about this until I was told that i could re apply {for my licence to be re instated] . The Docs were pleased my my recovery, so I thought everything would be straightforward. It wasn't ! I was told that i could not drive until DVLA had made enquiries with the Cardiologist and this would take up to 6 weeks. Had I sent my licence voluntarily to DVLA then I could have been driving whilst DVLA was making inquiries. I was told yesterday 9th December that my licence had been re instated and that it was on their system and in the post. So, it has been 7 months off driving not 6. I sincerely hope this will help someone else in the future. Don't be naive as I was. Some of you may well be more knowledgeable than I, BUT there is a vast difference between surrendering your licence and having it revoked. Cheers, Poppy.

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Re: The DVLA again

Post by freckles1880 » December 10th, 2016, 8:34 am

:congratulations: at least you finally got the license. Drive safe.


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Re: The DVLA again

Post by Colin Pearson » December 13th, 2016, 7:37 am

Hello Poppy,

I've been through this twice with the DVLA and whilst they can outwardly appear difficult, once you have leanred their processes, as you have, it isn' too bad.

One thing and as you have said, always surrender your licence as it makes getting it back easier.

Quite importantly, this means that once you are signed off and the forms have been posted, you can drive. It is obviously a good idea to keep a copy of all the forms in the car in case you are stopped.

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