Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by SkaterGirlBrooke » June 7th, 2011, 1:40 am

I was sure he meant 80bpm. Mine has been 300 bpm and I was dying and doctors were freaking out trying to save me in time...-It was nice having insurance!
About the heat, yes it is over 100 here in Nebraska...who knew? And I can't leave the AC room at all without falling over fainting...it's becoming very boring laying in my room...I have lived in Florida and at least we got the light rain...when I lived in NC it was humid but not 100 degrees. When I lived in NY it was cold in winter and perfect every other time...Now that I'm sick and it's 100 out, I certainly notice and can do nothing until it goes back down to 80 or so...
Alex it is totally kool what you are able to do, I recall you kicking those younger kids' bums at racing, but I would be quite careful doing it when the temp goes so high.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by Paul S » June 7th, 2011, 7:19 am

High heat & humidity knock me out. The next time you see your Doc, ask him to explain that 800 bpm remark, and if you could post his response I believe we would be interested in hearing it.

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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by AlexK » June 7th, 2011, 9:20 am

80 800, whatever, apparently I mis-heard; the point being my heart's going fast and it doesn't feel quite right.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by TruckerRon » June 7th, 2011, 9:44 am

Maybe the doctor said "a hundred" with a long A sound, and he heard it as "eight hundred"?

Yesterday we got into the 80s and it sapped my energy very quickly. Real summer heat won't be fun, that's certain.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by mrag » June 7th, 2011, 9:46 am

Obviously I kid you a bit on the BMX (?) bike racing, but I think you need a long chat with YOUR doctor about YOUR particular condition. 100 degrees is a lot for 'normal' people to be doing any work. Add in age (I assume like most of us here you are getting older), add in health, not a good combination with temperature in my mind. And I think it is one thing to walk (or perhaps jog) a distance while gradually increasing speed but quite a different thing to suddenly sprint full out from very slow to very fast like in say catch a bus. My body has now told me several times to 'skip the freakin bus, catch the next one.'
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by Suzanne » June 7th, 2011, 9:58 am

I know what your saying about the "sprint" thing Al (mrag). My previous EPs told me to give up playing softball. They said it was a stupid sport anyways huhhh and it's too hard on your heart and body.
My current EP has no problem with it.
We had our first game last week and I have to admit that it does feel unnerving when my heart is pounding, after running the bases....kind of similar to that "VT" feeling.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by rachmartin » June 7th, 2011, 10:03 am

I like to run and exercise quite a bit. When I have been put on Beta Blockers from time to time, I have to monitor my blood pressure really close. I have low blood pressure but also get a lot of PVC's that can turn into V-tach. The last bout of Beta Blockers kept getting my BP down to 90's/50's. They started to crash cart me after my ICD surgery because the Tylenol with Codein dropped my BP to 70/40 (opiate based meds can do that). You may want to start checking that BP, that will make you very dizzy. I try not to be on Beta Blockers for as much as possible right now. June they may put me back on, ugh.

Throw in the Heat and exercise and I always have to watch it. If I've recently exercised and try and do too much afterwards on a hot day, any time I get up and move from sitting to standing my BP bottoms out. Massive Head rush that will cause me to go boom. Too much experience with dropping and going boom (broke nose once). I have to watch my blood sugar, blood pressure, and electrolytes because even though I have an ICD, my doc said it doesn't cure me from all the things that make me faint. I have to know myself well and watch for symptoms at all times. So you may want to think BP, diet, elecrolytes, along with what Heat can do.

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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by Mark » June 7th, 2011, 10:15 am

AlexK wrote:
1- Does the heat give y'all problems?

2- Does your general cardiac performance fade over time in a manner, say, a little more drastically than the non-equipped?

I suppose what I'm really asking for is anyone's life experience includes something along the lines of what I've outlined above?

Just us talking here,but I'm beginning to wonder if racing on the especially hot days is going to become out of the question for me?

Hey Alex,

Thought about your post for a bit and can only tell you what I know in relation to my condition and heat: Heat will screw up anyone and everyone. 100 degree temp days are dangerous for even so-called healthy adults. Your heart beating that fast would probably be the sign of your body's need ( or more appropriately your muscles need for oxygen after your self admitted strenuous ride. We heart patients need to take extra care because of dehydration, stress on the heart muscle with the heat. I can tell you your doctor will probably say that your strenuous rides during really hot weather should be avoided. With that said, I can now tell you my experience.

Here in Upstate NY we get everything, all four seasons, hot humid summers, icd cold winters....you name, we get it. I love the diversity of the four seasons, but I find now that I am much more susceptible to limitations placed on me since my SCD. Heat knocks my ass out, the only simple way I can put it. It does so much more intensely then before any heart related issues. My guess is that heart disease and medications that work in conjunction with each other to make you feel like crap. I also note my dehydration level comes upon much easier so if I am sweating, I am drinking, I too, am supposed to be limited to 64 ounces of fluid a day- if it's hot, my medical training tells me I need more fluid. If not, I can feel my heart beat faster and harder. I taker into consideration I am also on demedex 20 mg bid so that pushes fluid out of me: no need for a 2 month hospital stay again, so I use common sense when hydrating. If extremely hot, sometimes walking to the car from the house is a killer because of my medications. working in the garden usually wipes me out for the day. A general rule for me is: if the weather is hot, I rest a lot.

As far as cardiac performance- it varies. Depends on the person, the condition they have, the medications they take- a lot of factors that can determine performance. There is no set rule to say that cardiac performance decreases as time goes on, except for aging, again depending on your condition. I would say it is safe to assume your cardiac performance will diminish over time, at what degree compared to non device individuals, who knows?

Whatever that case may be Alex, you do need to talk to your cardiologist about this- might not be the news you want to hear, but you need to find out anyway. Hope it is something that be compensated for.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by ROBO Pop » June 7th, 2011, 10:17 am

Alex ~ Unfortunately, the combination of age, temperature, medications, and activity take their toll, and we become less capable of enduring the extremes we once could. No question that progression of my condition, medication, and aging process have impacted my performance (no smart a** remarks pls). I note each year becomes more a challenge to me during the summer when temperatures begin climbing. While I no longer participate in the extreme physical exertion you do, I am seeing less output and more issues with the passage of time, and temperature does exacerbate the situation.

Let's face it, many of us would be thrilled to be achieving half of what you do. Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy it. Stop beating yourself up and recognize time is having it's effect. "Man's got to know his limitations".

I envy you when I read your adventures.

~ Side note: Temperatures...If I didn't do anything when the temperatures were 100 deg + I'd be idling a good portion of the year. Oh, but it's a dry heat, BS, my tortoises tip toe and bang on the door to be let into the Air Conditioning. It's frickin hot in AZ.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by RUHLEN » June 7th, 2011, 10:50 am

Alex, Along with everything people said, Beta Blockers along with other drugs can cause overheating. Here is a link to an article I found - http://www.netwellness.org/healthtopics ... cy/w18.cfm . As far as heat, I lie in Houston where I think we have set high records for at least 2 weeks, last 2 days hit 105 (raw temperature) then there is the humidity which is usually at 70 percent plus. I can hardly wait for summer.
Last Sunday, the heat got me for a while (dizzy and blurred vision) until I rehydrated and ate something. When it is hot, I usually have something light to eat for breakfast when I take my meds, but extra carbs seem to help. Anyhow, for me to work out safely outside would mean doing so between 2am and 6am and it still 80 then, so I live slightly on the edge. Stay safe and try to supplement outdoor activity with some indoor.

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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by Juicydb » June 7th, 2011, 11:19 am

Sorry to hear that the heat has caused trouble. It ocurred to me that a very simple error in calculating heart rate based on a pulse sampling may be the reason for the high numbers. A pulse that measures 12 beats in 10 seconds can be expressed as beats per minute by multiplying 12 x 6 = 72 but if you inadvertently multiply 12x 60 you end up at 720; 13 beats per 10 seconds is 78 (780) and 14 is 84 (840). My fatest heart rate ever was 283, it only lasted a few seconds but very nearly killed me. I hope you can continue to enjoy your exercise. I wear a heart rate monitor now when I work out and am very glad to have learned my way around in my new comfort zone. Best wishes, Julia
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by annette8 » June 7th, 2011, 1:14 pm

Had my icd/pacer check today. The tech said your heart rate was expressed in milliseconds not bpm. And 800 milliseconds is a good number. It was the heat most likely and a sign that you should be cautious.
Whatever! Just take care.
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by JoeNH » June 7th, 2011, 1:54 pm

annette8 wrote:The tech said your heart rate was expressed in milliseconds not bpm.
You mean one beat every 800 milliseconds. <scratching head> ..... that would be 800 / 1000 .... or one beat every 8/10 of a second ????? .....

Doing the math .... that would be 60 x 1000 / 800 ..... 75 beats per minute ???

Holy Toledo ! I think this is starting to make sense to me !

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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by Kat » June 7th, 2011, 2:38 pm

Heat makes me plain wilt. There is no question. I am betting it has something to do with my overworked heart having to step it up even more to try to cool me off. Then add humidity to already SOB and I am done. Put me in the corner. Better yet, carry me inside and put me by the air conditioner!
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Re: Heat & beta blockers and feeling funny question

Post by mrag » June 7th, 2011, 4:37 pm

JoeNH wrote:
Holy Toledo ! I think this is starting to make sense to me !
There is always a first for everything!

kind of kills the message, but ;-)
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