I am on the way to feeling better

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Carl Portman
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Re: I am on the way to feeling better

Post by Carl Portman » December 16th, 2011, 2:16 pm

You are a stunner and my love and best wishes are sent your way xx
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Re: I am on the way to feeling better

Post by Ozchrissy » December 16th, 2011, 4:14 pm

Thanks everyone, yes the next 2 weeks will be wonderful.

Suzanne and Helen, I have never been like this until this year. I knew I was sick and not improving. I even organized the echo that found all this stuff in September, mind you I was due for one, 6 months, but I rang Cardiologist No 2 office to organize it. After they saw the growth, cardiologist No 1 did cultures that came back negative, so just literally left it at that. He told me that if the growth was dislodged, it would just fall off and go into my lungs and be dissolved, he described the growth as just "gunk" on my lead. No future follow up appointment. This was on the Tuesday and the Thursday I had an interrogation where cardiologist No 2 was present. This was the first that he had heard about the growth, from the echo, that he had authorized. He booked me in for another echo in January to coincide with my next interrogation. This was in early October.

My health didn't improve, my GP was feeding me antibiotics but eventually he had had enough and sent me back to Cardiologist No 2 for the echo and follow up. This was the 24 November I finally had the next echo. More 5 day blood cultures. On Dec 2, I had the TOE. Total amazement at the size of the 'vegetation' and 'what the hell is it' type of dilemma's. Informed it would have to be open heart surgery to get it out, as it was so big, as they can't take the risk of the growth dislodging and going into my lungs. (remember Cardiologist No 1 told me not to worry as it would just 'dissolve') Infectious disease guru contacted and more bloods on Dec 6 through to 10, cultures and serology. Had the tanty with the receptionist on December 9, still no phone call from cardiologist No 2. Went and camped out in Cardiologist No 2's office on Monday, Dec 12, referral to surgeon on Thursday 15th, given the option of being admitted to Hospital that day, but he was going overseas on Holidays and would not be supervising my care, so opted to have a good Christmas and go back on the 3rd for it all to be done in one hit.

For some reason yesterday I thought I would check up on how my cultures were going, found out about the mistake, more bloods Friday the 16th, today, and Mon and Tues. The microbiologist actually said that someone up there was looking after me with regards to this mistake. Very apologetic.

So Suzanne, yes it does pay to be proactive, and Helen, just let me know what is wrong and I will start letting my fingers do the walking from here.

This is where I am up to, go into Hospital on Jan 3rd with lots of 'experts' checking out what is going on. This surgeon is one of the few that can extract leads in my State and very qualified. He even rang another expert whilst I was in his office. The attitude of this doctor, compared to the attitude of my local docs, was amazing. Total chalk and cheese stuff.
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Re: I am on the way to feeling better

Post by freckles1880 » December 16th, 2011, 6:10 pm

Ozchrissy wrote:
So Suzanne, yes it does pay to be proactive, and Helen, just let me know what is wrong and I will start letting my fingers do the walking from here.
Proactive heck. You both kicked butt. :expld" :balloons:

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Re: I am on the way to feeling better

Post by Ann Marie » December 16th, 2011, 7:28 pm

Chrissy, so happy to hear you were heard and are being taken care of. Hopefully you can truly enjoy the holidays.You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. :xmassleigh: :snowman: :tree:
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Re: I am on the way to feeling better

Post by SuzieQ » December 16th, 2011, 10:03 pm

Surely you can see that everyone is wishing you the very best and praying and hoping for all to go well. It is just so sad that we all have to push so to get doctors to realize that we have real problems and to follow through on things. Keep at it and get on top of things. Merry Christmas!
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