I'm now certified for home Coumadin (warfarin) testing

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Re: I'm now certified for home Coumadin (warfarin) testing

Post by Eric » January 3rd, 2013, 1:14 pm


You are correct, the knife is more manly, but perhaps it is not the best advice. I hope you slashed somewhere besides your wrist, even though with this home testing thing you may eventually decide to slash in your wrist area.
What I woud advise is to take your device to your doctor, use the device there, have your doc check your INR with his machine and see if they match. I know I have had to calibrate my Blood Glucose meters and my Blood Pressure machines with my doctor's office so I can appropriately understand what the differences are (After all the doc's machines are always right *even if they are obviously out of whack).
By showing your machines reading to your doc, then he will understand what you are seeing and may suggest a change in tactics. About a year ago, I recieved a new Blood Glucose monitor for in home testing. I was told with this one, I could pinprick my arm and get a reading. I have been using my arm ever since, but recently my A1C jumped. I was shocked as my testing on my arm showed I had been in range for quite some time. So I asked the doc, does testing in my arm give me a different reading than testing on my finger. Guess what, it is, so now I alternate between finger and arm.
Hope you get it figured out.

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