How to “PM” or “E-mail” another member

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How to “PM” or “E-mail” another member

Post by icdadmin » March 18th, 2017, 9:02 am

How to “PM” or “E-mail” another member.

At the bottom of any post the member has made there are 3 links “Profile” “PM” and “Email”

If you click on “Profile” it brings up the members profile and you can “PM” or “Email” them from there and you would pick the subject you want to show in the message.

If you click on “PM” or “Email” them from there it will use the post they made as the subject.

PLEASE; never show your Email address in your actual post as even those who are not logged onto our site can see the post and use the Email address for solicitation or spam purposes.

The Email you send does not show the recipient your Email address nor does it show you their actual Email address. The system sends the message and does not disclose that information.

If you get a PM you will also get an Email to advise you to look at your PM. When you sign onto the site you will get a little box tell you to look at the PM by clicking on the link in the box.

Email addresses are maintained on our system and encrypted so they are not available to someone who may hack into our database. Only our Admins have a way to see the address via a program that reads the encrypted file.