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Re: Elizabeth Martineau

Post by Marie » April 9th, 2015, 11:17 pm

this is sad news . Elizabeth was a beautiful lady and will be missed .
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Carl Portman
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Re: Elizabeth Martineau

Post by Carl Portman » June 3rd, 2015, 5:35 pm

I am in utter shock.
Today I received a message on Facebook from Missy (one of Elizabeth's daughters) to inform me of Elizabeth's passing 12 weeks ago. How could I have missed this? Clearly I just do not log into this wonderful site often enough and I lament that fact. I loved Elizabeth as a great friend. I never met her yet she was one of the first to greet me, to welcome me to this site many years ago. I always intended to meet her and her family. I even named a tree after her, here in this little English village. I wrote a poem for her (at her request) entitled 'Last stand of the oak' and she loved it. We shared so much and I am just devastated at the loss of such a beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful human being. I am bitterly angry with myself for not knowing,; it is my fault and I am so sorry to everyone here and to Elizabeth's family for being so far behind. Elizabeth, I shall go to the tree tomorrow and we will share a quiet moment. You'll still be here with me, every day, every season. I will still hear you in the falling of the leaves and above the silence of the thick winter snows in the heavy boughs. You'll never be far away. You are a legend, my hero. And you know what they say, heroes never die, they sail forever. Set your course then, and I will see you on a foreign shore sometime soon...
Bright Blessings my dear Elizabeth.
Carl xxxx
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