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Re: Coffee

Post by Leedur » December 30th, 2017, 6:48 am

@ROBO....... Took a list of questions to Cardiologist 2 weeks ago. This was followup Appt. from Cardioversion procedure. All checked well (no Afib) at that time. I asked about coffee and he thought my 2-3 cups daily was I haven't changed consumption.

As mentioned previously, I did get them to order the monitoring waiting for delivery. Think this is supposed to alert if Afib returns. Have had a few SOB moments this week....anxious to get the device and hoping I can determine what might be triggering the events. Guess it's a learning process. So far, the only way I know if there is a problem is during exertion.......there are no other symptoms I can detect.

As for your comment "heart just suddenly decided to rebel".....this may be what's happening. Probably one common situation for most of us on this site...."our hearts are not getting any better".


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